Where did my task go?

Question:  My task is missing or not scheduling properly. What do I do?

Answer: This may take some detective work but here are the steps to take.

Be sure the filters on your Calendar have been cleared.  

1. Start at the Master Calendar view.  It is extremely helpful to see everything in one place, especially how tasks are scheduled in relation to the bookings, and where the other bookings are in relation to the booking you are working with.

2.  Locate the Booking/Property you are troubleshooting and look around for clues.  Does the task show a black Crossed eyeball?  That means it is inactive.  Click on the Task to open the Task Pop-Up Window —>Click Make Active.

  1. Perhaps the Task is slow to generate. Try opening and saving the Booking.
  2. Task Still missing? Notice proximity of other bookings →  Setup →  Task Rules →  review the Rule set up and update if necessary.
  3. Still missing? Send us an email with the following information:

Name of the property.

Dates of the booking. 

Name of the missing or incorrect task.

Date of the task.