How do I update Task times, assignments or dollar amounts that already have Tasks generated?

Rules auto-generate and schedule Tasks as soon as bookings are imported. When editing a Task Rule Assignment the Tasks already assigned and moved by the administrator during scheduling, must be considered.  To prevent scheduling work from being lost editing a Task Rule Assignments is a two-step process; First, update the Staff Assigned or Piece Pay amount. Second, direct the system of the desired start date (now or future) to regenerated Tasks (and delete former assignments). 

Tip: Editing Assignments is a two-step process. If you change the assignments but do not Update Tasks On Save the changes will not regenerate Tasks. 

Access Edit Assignments

  1. Setup --> Task Rules
  2. Select the Task Rule to adjust and Click Edit Assignments (people icon)

Update and Save New Assignments

  1. Adjust the assignments (Labor, Materials, Linen Fee, # on Team, Staff, Piece Pay) desired. 
  2. Check the Update Tasks box for each property adjusted.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Assignments screen.  Check the Yellow Update Current Task Assignments AND the Update Current Tasks with Min/Max Times & Labor, Materials, Linen Fee Amounts (if Min/Max times have also been adjusted).

Tip: If you have already worked on your weekly schedule and you do not want your schedule to be immediately affected then enter a future date in the box. Only tasks after that date will be reassigned.
  1. If you have only updated the Dollar Amounts and or Min-Max Times; select the appropriate White Boxes on the left. 
  2. Click Save

Check your work

  1. Goto Scheduling Calendar --> Temporary Quick Filters
  2. Open the Properties and Task Rule Quick Filter to quickly view the generated tasks.  
  3. Review Staff Assignments on the Scheduling Calendar.
  4. Review the Piece Pay amounts on the Task Detail Pop-Up Window (click on the task in the scheduling Calendar).