Piece Pay

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Piece Pay

Piece pay is any type of employment in which a worker is paid a fixed piece rate for each unit produced or action performed. In Operto Teams piece pay works by assigning Piece Pay amounts to specific tasks/properties/staff. Use Piece Pay if you pay a fixed price or set time for each task. Or pay any staff only for time tracked while working on a task, and not for the full day.

Piece Pay Setup

  1. In Setup --> System Settings.  Check Piece Pay (Pay by Task) 
  2. In Setup --> Task Rules --> Edit Assignments

  1. Enter default piece pay amounts per Property 

TIP: Piece pay can be any unit. You can enter in dollar amounts or the number of hours. If you pay Staff at different rates, the number of hours may work better.

Piece Pay Adjustments

  1. Open the Task Pop-Up Window by clicking on any Task Box in the Scheduling Calendar or Master Calendar.
  2. Make adjustments to each task, as they are scheduled or at any time.

Review, Flag, Approve and Mark Piece Pay Paid

There are two ways to access piece pay amounts allocated to completed tasks. 

  1. Quick Reports --> Pay Review
  2. Or Reports --> Piece Pay

Tip: Only Staff with Administrative Access and Quick Report access can Approve piece pay amounts.  Only Employees with Reporting Access can run piece pay reports and mark tasks as paid.

Recommended Approval and Payroll Process for Piece Pay

  1. Each day, go to Quick Reports --> Pay Review. This will bring up that manager's staff piece pay report for the last 2 days, with potential flags in red for easier review.
  2. Approve, Flag or Mark as Paid (toggle icon). This action will tell the main administrator what is approved to pay. 
  3. Use the checkboxes and Mark All Checked as Approved button to do the action in Bulk. 
  4. If task Piece Pay Report is inaccurate then
    • managers or administrators can click on the Task (Check Out Clean in the below scenario) to view the Task Pop-Up Window.
    • In the Task Pop-Up Window mark the task Not Complete or change any of the information regarding this task.
  5. When it is time for payroll, navigate to Reports --> Piece Pay.  Enter in the date range and click Submit. Export to CSV or Print your pay reports, or both.  Then check the Tasks to be paid, or all and click Mark all Checked as Paid.

Manager View (steps 1-3)

A visual overview of approving and adjusting completed tasks

Administrator View (steps 4 and 5)

A visual overview of how an administrator can mark completed tasks as paid.