Add Standard Task

Standard Single Tasks are set up as a Task Rule and enable a Standard Task to be added to the Calendar at any time through the Add Standard Task popup window.

Tip: First Create a  Standard Single Task in  Setup --> Task Rules; Add Task Rule.  Be sure to assign it to the appropriate properties in  Edit Assignments (people icon).  Learn More

Access Add Standard Task 

  1. In Master Calendar, Scheduling CalendarScheduling List click the Actions button.
  2. Click on + Add Standard Task.
  3. In Master Calendar Click the +TASK near the property name to quickly add a Standard Task for that property.

  4. Enhanced Master Calendar, plus symbol; or click anywhere on the Calendar.


  1. On the Issues page when an issue exists click on the Manage button in the status/manage column.
  2. On the Manage button drop-down menu click on 

    + Add Standard Task.

    3. From the Task Popup Window make an existing task Inactive and Add Standard Task, Choose Make Inactive and Add Standard

    This will make the existing task inactive and bring up the Add Standard Single Task creation window. 

    Create a Task

    Enter all the information about the task

    1. Use the drop-down menu to choose the Property Name of the property where you want the task to be completed.

    Note: Add non-rental properties to accommodate tasks that are not associated with a rental. For example, add a property called 'office' if you want to add 'Deep clean office carpets' as a monthly task.

    2. Use the drop-down menu to choose the  Task Rule that will prefill the task details.

    Hint: If the task is not in the dropdown, add a new Task Rule with the task type Standard Single Task through Setup --> Task Rules, and, or be sure it is assigned to the appropriate properties in Edit Assignments (People icon)

    3. Enter a Short Title such as Gift Basket. This name will appear on the Scheduling List and Task Lists. 

    4. Enter the Start Date to generate the Task from the Task Rule.  If the Task Rule does not allow the Task to be scheduled during a booking, and a booked date is selected, the Task will be moved to the next vacant day on save.

    6. Enter the desired Start Time.   The time affects how the Tasks are scheduled on the Staff dashboards.

    7. Enter  Complete by DateThis shows the furthest out you can drag the task, as well as the date when the task is considered overdue and notifications will be generated.

    8. Enter Complete by Time. The time the task is considered overdue for alerts. 

    Click Next to enter the Task Detail window and make adjustments.

    Note: Attach the Task to a Booking as needed. A maximum of 15 Bookings will be available in the dropdown