Recommended Daily Procedure

Every Morning

These procedures should be done every morning to ensure tasks and schedules are accurate and nothing gets missed.  Larger companies may choose to perform these tasks at the end of the day as well.  

Address Dashboard Items

  1. Overdue Tasks
  2. Issues
  3. Days with Auto Clock Outs
  4. Unassigned Tasks
  5. Pending Acceptance

Master Calendar Review

  1. Look for incorrect or duplicate bookings (Make Inactive). 
  2. Look for tasks not needed (Make Inactive).
  3. Look for missing tasks (determine a solution such as Add Standard Task from the Actions button or change Task Rule).  Notify the main administrator if a Task Rule needs to be changed.

Scheduling Calendar Review

  1. Enter requested Staff days off or other notes regarding Staff in Add Scheduling Calendar Note from the Actions button.
  2. Make sure no tasks are unassigned for the next ____  (suggested 7) days.
  3. Review the number of hours scheduled per Staff and adjust assignments as needed.
  4. Make sure all tasks are marked complete up until today.  Mark Complete, reschedule, reassign or Make Inactive tasks until there are no incomplete or overdue past tasks. 
NOTE: Do not mark a task complete that was not actually done - as this will result in inaccurate reporting.  If a task was not done, and will not be done, Make Inactive.

Every End of Day (or more)

The following procedures should be done at least once a day so that adjustments can be made while memories are intact.  You may perform these procedures at the end or beginning of each day - or both as make sense for your workload.

Issues Review

  1. Close any completed issues.
  2. Review new IssuesAdd Standard TasksSend to Owners or Send to Vendors as needed.
  3. At this point, go back into the Scheduling Calendar, and make any adjustments necessary from the new tasks generated.

Time Tracking Review (if time tracking is used)

  1. Look for any tasks that have logged time outside the estimated hours.  Contact Staff and adjust as needed.
  2. Look for auto-logouts.  Contact the staff member and adjust times as needed.

Pay Review and Approvals (if piece pay is used)  

  1. Access under Quick Reports → Pay Review for pay by the job or Blended Pay Review for pay by hour and job.
  2. For each task, review pay amounts and Staff assignments. If they are accurate, Approve.
  3. Pay special attention to the items in red as they may indicate problems such as no time tracked, inactive property, inactive booking, inactive Task Rule.  Either make the adjustment to the task or flag the task to remind yourself to investigate further at a later date (before the pay period ends).
  4. Pull up all tasks with flag status and investigate solutions.