Make Multiple Tasks Inactive or Mark Complete

The difference between Inactive Tasks and Completed Tasks is important.  Inactive Tasks do not come through in the reports, completed tasks do. Inactive Tasks will not show up on payroll reports, Completed Tasks do. 

Tasks can be made Inactive on a case by case basis from the Scheduling Calendar or Master Calendar by clicking into the Task and Choosing Make Inactive. 

There are two methods to Mark All Overdue Tasks Complete. 

Method One:

  1. On the Home Screen 
  2. Click on the icon under Overdue Tasks
  3. Choose Mark All Overdue Tasks Complete or Inactive

Method Two:

Tip: Use the  View Filter buttons to see a complete list of the filters available.

  1. On the Scheduling List page
  2. Select the Filters needed to view desired tasks.
  3. Select the desired Tasks by checking the boxes next to them; click Make inactive or Complete
  4. Check individual Task Boxes or Check All.

Tip: In the Scheduling Calendar click on an individual task to view the Task Detail Pop-up Window.  Then  Mark Not Complete any tasks that you want to remain on the schedule.