Linens and Laundry Packing

Provide your laundry room bag packing instructions with Operto Teams' simple Linen Counts features.  There are 3 steps to setting up this feature:

Step 1: Setup Default Linens and Tasks

1. Define the linen fields for your company in Setup --> System Settings as a comma delimited list of each linen item or linen groups.

2. In Setup --> Properties, set the default counts for each property, either through the bulk edit descriptions and linen counts, or by editing an individual property.  Enter the counts comma delimited in the same order as the fields entered in step 1 above. You may also enter text notes as needed. Once the numbers are entered, you can check your work using the Show All Details link to view the counts in tabular format with the Fields entered in step 1.  

Check the Update current and future bookings to push the counts into the bookings.

Tip: Using the Bulk Edit option allows counts to be entered in the table as well as the list. 

Step 2: Define which Task Rules should generate Tasks that will need linens, or need to have linens retrieved/picked up.  

If you pack bags based on Check In or Check Out dates this step is not necessary.  

Go to Setup --> Task Rules.  Edit each Task Rule that needs laundry packing and choose Pack Linen for this Task and or Retrieve Linen for this Task

As needed, adjust individual bookings counts in the booking popup window from the Master Calendar or from the Linen report.  Be sure the counts are added in the same order as the comma delimited list beneath the field.  Text notes may be added to the instructions area.

Adjust tasks that need linens through the Task popup window:

Step 3: Using the Linen Reports

Date Range Linen Packing Report

Pull your laundry reports through Quick Reports --> Linen Packing

Choose from the following Results By Filtering:

Linen Tasks - will choose tasks with Linen Packing checked.  This can be set in the Task Rules and in individual tasks.

Linen Pickup Tasks - Will show Tasks in which Linens have been set to be retrieved. 

Check Out - will show all checkouts for the date range 

Check In - show all check ins for the date range 

Task Rule - choose tasks to show

Tip: Use the Export to CSV and or Send to Printer Buttons to share reports outside of Operto Teams if needed.

Choose the date or date range and use the additional filters to choose properties and columns.

All Property Linen Report

Click the All Property Linen Report button to get a full list of all properties and linen counts.

Note: Bag Packing Screen View (Available for Linen Tasks only). Click the Packing Screen button, then copy the URL to a computer, iPad, or other device in your laundry room.  Laundry room staff can mark bags packed to keep track of their progress. Only tasks with Linen Packing checked will show in this view.