Billing Owners through Stripe

Easily bill owners by credit card at the click of a button by connecting your Stripe account to Operto Teams. 

Stripe fees are currently 2.99% + .30cents per in US and Canada.  The Operto Teams application fee is .5% and is added to the Stripe fees.  See for fees in other countries.

Connect Stripe and Set Invoice Settings

1. Connect your Stripe account (or create it) in Setup --> System SettingsFunctionality section. Choose Use Stripe and Save.

2. After Save, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the Blue Button to connect with Stripe. 

2. Edit Setup --> System settings to adjust currency and invoice terms.  Terms apply to invoices sent without a card on file.  Card on file invoices will be charged 1 hour after submission.

Set Stripe Tax Rates and other Stripe Settings

1.  Add Tax Rates directly through your Stripe dashboard.  Once they are added you can apply them to Labor and Materials amounts in each Operto Teams Owner record.

2. Email Receipts: Owners with credit cards vaulted will not receive a receipt by default.  Turn this on in Stripe from Settings --> Business Settings --> Payments and Payouts --> Email Receipts.  Turn on Email customers about Successful Payments.

3. Payment Options: Owners without credit cards vaulted will receive an invoice to pay through Stripe.  Stripe defaults to let them pay through Credit Card or ACH.  Adjust this through Stripe from Settings --> Stripe apps --> Billing --> Invoice template.  Scroll to the bottom to edit payment methods. Note that the payment terms number of days is set in Operto Teams per owner, the default set in Stripe is ignored.

4. Overdue Invoice Email Reminders: To send reminders to your owners that their invoice is overdue, in Stripe, go to Settings --> Stripe Apps -->  Subscriptions and emails --> Customer emails --> Send reminders if an invoice hasn't been paid.  You can send reminders more than one time.  Reach out to Stripe support as needed.

5. Please review all other Stripe settings to make sure it is set up appropriately for your business.   Reach out to Stripe support as needed.

Owner Setup

For each owner, check Require Password.  This will open the Stripe Billing options.  Check Bill Owner through Connected Stripe Account and choose Tax Rates if needed.

Checking Require Password will require your owners to set up a password the next time they access their dashboard.  Go to Manage--> Owners to send each owner an email with their personal dashboard link.

Checking Bill Owner Through Connected Stripe account will allow the owner to vault their credit card with Stripe through their owner dashboard.  

Important: When owners are entered into Stripe, Stripe adds a placeholder Wells Fargo bank account for the default method.  As owners vault their cards, log into stripe to choose the new card for the default method.

Once Bill Owner Through Connected Stripe Account is turned on, the Welcome email sent from the Mobile icon will contain directives for the owner to create a password and vault their card.

Labor and Materials Amounts

Enter labor and materials amounts require enabling this feature in Setup --> System Settings.  Set default amounts in Task Rules, then adjust individual TasksRead more about Labor and Materials.

Billing Owners

1. Navigate to the Owner Billing page.  Use the filters to select the date range to bill.
    Only Billable Tasks for Owners with Bill Owner through Connected Stripe Account checked will show.
    Only Tasks with either a Labor Amount or Materials Amount or both can be selected for billing.

2.  Use the Edit Task icon to adjust Labor and Materials Amounts.

3.  Select tasks to bill, and click Send to Stripe.  This will create one invoice for each Owner.  Each task's Labor and Materials amounts will be one line item.

4.  Owners with a default payment method vaulted will  automatically charge one hour after clicking Send to Stripe.  Use that hour to make invoice adjustments in Stripe.

5.  Owners without a default payment method vaulted will be sent an invoice one hour after clicking Send to Stripe.  Use that hour to make invoice adjustments in Stripe. Invoice will include a link to pay through Stripe's online payment screens.  

Important Note: Any adjustments, refunds, or invoice changes are done directly in your Stripe account.  Please contact Stripe for help with these adjustments.

Owner Reports

Administrators can view past invoices in the Stripe Dashboard

Owners will have an Invoice History screen, that links to all their past invoices in Stripe.