Using Property Statuses

Set up Property Statuses to quickly see the state of any property.


Step 1: Setup Property Statuses

Navigate to Setup --> Property Statuses

Enter the description of the Status for the Property upon Check In or check Out.  For example: Enter Occupied or Used at Check In. Needs Service or Dirty on Check Out; click Set on Check In or Check Out, then click Save.

Note: Only one Status entered can have the Set on Check-In selected and only one can have Set on Check Out selected

Next, add any other statuses for the property to be updated upon completion of tasks.  For example: Clean or Inspected

Step 2: Add a Status to each Task Rule

Navigate to Setup --> Task Rules edit (pencil icon)

For each Task Rule, enter a Status the Property will be when it is marked complete.

For example, Check Out Clean should have the status Clean when the Task is Marked Complete.

Tip: Select Show Property Status for the Task Rule if you would like your Staff to view the status of the property on their Mobile Dashboard for that Task. 


Important: The Status will always show the last event that changed it. 
For example, if the check in time passes (changing it to dirty) and after that the clean is marked complete (changing it to clean), the status will be clean, even though it is dirty. 
In this case manually update the status to make it accurate.

Manually updating Property Statuses 

Adjust property status' in the Property information accessed from the Legacy Master Calendar;  click on the Property folder, From the Enhanced Master Calendar click on the Property name.

click Edit Status, choose the appropriate status, then click Save.

Viewing Statuses

Statuses can be viewed in the Master Calendar next to the property name and in Quick Reports --> Property Statuses

Important Note: By design, the Status will only update if the Task is marked Complete from the Staff Dashboard, or the Task Popup Window.