How can I add and view property information?

Q: Where can I add property item information, and how can it then be accessed quickly and easily?

A: Information can be added in Setup --> Properties

Click on the appropriate icon to add or adjust Images, House Items, or Utility information. 

Add; edit or remove item types to create a universal items list for all of your properties.

Click on the folder icon to access all property information. 

The folder icon is also accessible in the following areas: 

  • Master Calendar
  • Task popup window
  • Bookings popup window
  • Task History Report
  • Issues page
  • Issues History Report
  • Property Status Quick Report
  • Staff Dashboards if access is granted in Setup - -> Staff

Tip: Issues can also be assigned to items on the Issues page by clicking edit and choose Assign to Item. This is helpful if there are continuous problems with a certain appliance.