Why is the option to Take Image not showing?

When the Dashboard is open and Take Image is chosen only the photo library is available not the option to Take Image why?

This has to do with the settings on the device.

For Android:

  1. Staff Dashboard is installed as a Web App through Chrome.
  2. Go into App Permissions for Chrome.
  3. Check that the App Permissions are enabled for both Camera and Photos and videos.
  4. If the permissions are already enabled and the problem is still happening, then:
    1. Go into the Camera permissions and change it to Don’t allow
    2. Go into the Photos and Videos permissions and change it to Don’t allow
  5. Go to the Staff Dashboard and try again to take a picture using the camera. You should be prompted for permissions again.
  6. At this point, you want to ensure you select: Allow all

More image and camera troubleshooting tips can be found here.