Staff and Owner Notifications

Note: Use Owner Options must be turned on in Setup --> System Settings to use Owner notifications

Flexible and customizable notifications alert administrators when a specific action happens.  Notifications are only sent to Staff and Owners for their assigned or owned properties.  

Access Staff and Owner Notifications

  1. In the Setup --> Staff and Owner Notifications.
  2. Click Edit All in the upper right corner of the page.

Select Notification Qualities (None, Email, Text or Both)

Staff Notifications
  1. Use the drop-down menus to choose the timing (scheduled check-out time, prior to task due time and/or overdue) and the route (None, Emal, Text or Both) notifications will be sent.
  2. Click Save
Owner Notifications
  1. Use the drop-down menus to choose the route (None, Emal, Text or Both) task completion notifications will be sent.
  2. Check to include a standard note with the notification.
  3. Enter standard Note such as your house is clean.

Notification List

Staff Notifications

  • Check-Out Notification is triggered if the property is integrated with Smart Home software and the guests check-out, or if Check Out is selected in Quick Reports --> Check In/Outs. Learn more
  • Not Yet Done Notification is triggered when Staff has not marked the task complete within the time frame chosen.
  • Overdue Notification is triggered when Staff as not marked the task complete and the time window for the task has expired.

Owner Notifications

  • Task Complete Notification is triggered when Staff completes a task.
  • Check the Checkbox to Include a Note to the Owner or staff such as "Your property is clean."