Task Form (checklist) Submissions - Where can results be viewed?

There are 5 areas where completed Task Form Submissions can be viewed.

1. Task History Report

1. Reports --> Task History

2. Select the box for Include Task Form Submissions (Checklists) --> Submit

3. The Task Form results will show in the list, and the export.

4. Select the printer icon to view and print with images. 

2. Completed Task Popup Window

From the Task Popup Window choose Task Form

3. Owner Dashboards

To view on the Owner Dashboard each Task Form must be Active for Owner, and each Task Form Element Included on the owner report.

1.  Manage --> Owners Select the link to the Owner Dashboard to impersonate the Owner 

2. Or Setup --> Owners and click on db on the far right of the page 

3. Choose Reports

Make Active for Owner Reports within individual tasks

In the Task Popup Window choose Task Form Active for Owner Report Notes; Include Task Form Elements; Save Owner Report Settings

Set a Task Rule with Task Forms Active for Owner Reports 

1. Setup --> Task Rules; select Active For Owner Report

Set a Task Form with Task Form Elements Active for Owner Reports 

Setup --> Task Forms; Under Manage Elements (List icon) Choose the element to be shown on Owner Report select Show Element On Owner Report

4. Staff Dashboards

Staff can view Task Form Submissions from the Task prior to the one they are scheduled for.

Setup --> Staff; Allow Admin Acess (additional permissions not necessary)

From the Staff Dashboard choose Assignments within the Task; then click on report. The Task Form Submission will open in a separate window. 

5. Task Form Reports

Reports --> Task Form Report  (Checklists)

Note: Task Form Reporting requires some Setup. Learn more about  Task Form Reports