Task Form (checklists) Reports

Set up Task Forms to pull results by report types, for example, Restock or Inventory

Setup Steps

1. Go to Setup --> Task Form Report Types

2. Enter any Report types needed.

3. Choose the Elements to include in the reports.

Report Types can also be selected within the Task Form Elements.

1. Create the Report Type using the above steps 1 and 2

2. Navigate to Setup --> Task Forms 

3. Choose View all Elements in the upper right corner or Manage Elements icon next to the appropriate Task Form

4. Edit (pencil icon) and select the Report Type 


1. Navigate to Reports --> Task Forms Report (Checklists)

2. Use the Filters to view results and printer icon to print results.

Tip: Use the Number Grid Element Type with dollar amounts and set up a Task Form Report to track expenses or supply costs. 
Tip: Use the Radio Buttons or Dropdown Element Types to track cleaning quality ratings submitted during inspections. Learn more Tracking Quality