Best way to add property information or additional small tasks ?

Q1.   I would like to add standard information to each of our properties for the cleaning tasks. For example,  I would like each checkout cleaning task (standard & back 2 back) to have the following instructions for the cleaner:

  • Cal King Bed
  • Queen Sofa Bed
  • 1 Bathroom, 4 Pool Towels

Q2.I also want to add additional tasks as needed (deep clean the stove, add extra towels, etc). 

A1:  To add instructions (Cal King Bed) etc. there are two possibilities:

Add them to the Property Description; Information will be displayed for everyone at a task at the property.

  1. Setup --> Properties  --> Edit --> Add to Description or Property Notes field.
  2. Information will be displayed in the Info Tab of the dashboard 
  3. See related article How do I add Photos and Images to the Staff Dashboard?


Add the information as a Task Form Element; Information will display for specific Tasks at the Property.

We have a help article here on Task Forms

This Task Form Examples article is also quite helpful:

A2: To add additional tasks as needed such as deep clean the stove, add 2 extra towels are best added through the task instructions in the Task Detail Pop-up window.

On the Scheduling Calendar --> Click on the Task --> Add special tasks into Instructions for All field.