Procedure to Add a Property in Operto Teams

Below is a master list of all the steps you may need to take to set up a new property.  Most companies do not use every feature and will skip steps, so feel free to take this list and modify it for your company's needs.

Note: If connected to Operto Teams through Property Management Software API Connection. You will first add the property info into your PMS software. Then use the steps below to adjust the property record as needed. If using iCal and adding 10 or more new properties, contact to request import via spreadsheet. 

1. Add the Property: In Setup --> Properties either enter the property manually using Actions --> Add Property, or use the Actions --> Request Pull from [Your PMS] 

Adding New Properties

Important Tip: The Property Name and Abbreviation must be unique to each property and must differ in some way. ie Name: The Lake House  Abbreviation: LakeHouse

2. Edit Property Information: Once the property is in Operto Teams Edit it and carefully fill out all the fields. 

3.  Adjust Task Rules: Specify Assignments; Labor, Materials, and Linen Fee amounts, and piece pay amounts if applicable

Setting up Properties

4. Sort the Property for route optimization: In Setup --> PropertiesFilter the properties by region to sort, then sort the new property within the list.

5. Add Additional information: Add Images, House Item Information and Utility Information as needed.

6.  If  Use Owner Options is turned on in Setup --> System Settings; adjust new Owner as needed in Setup --> Owners then View the Owner's Dashboard from the db link to be sure they have the correct access.

Learn More about Setting up Owners

7. Send Owner Instructions: If the Owner is entering their own iCal links or bookings, send them the appropriate email from the Manage page.

8. Adjust  Task Forms:  If you have Property specific elements set up in Setup --> Task Forms

9. Add Manual Bookings: In most cases, bookings are imported, but if you need to add them in manually, go to Bookings, Actions button, Add Booking

10. Add New Task Rules: In Setup --> Task Rules

If you do add a rule, update that rule's notifications in Setup --> Staff and Owner Notifications;  Owner Notification Rules and Task Notification Rules if applicable

11. IMPORTANT: Review the Master Calendar for your new property to be sure all Bookings are showing and all Tasks are properly scheduling.  This is a very important step.

12. IMPORTANT: Review the Scheduling Calendar to be sure tasks for this property have correct time estimates and are auto-scheduling properly.

Tip: Have properties with similar addresses and details such as condos, rooms, or apartments? Use the Copy to New feature (double paper icon) to add and then quickly adjust differences.