Setting up Owners

Note: Use Owner Options must be turned on in Setup --> System Settings to use this functionality

Owners can view bookings from a list and calendar view, add notes to bookings, manage iCal links, view reports, view issues, update guest information, and more.  Once owners are added, they will be edited through the Owners screen.

Add New Owner

Setup --> Property choose edit (pencil icon) for the desired Property record. Scroll down to Owner Information Select Enter New from the dropdown menu and enter owner contact information. 

New Owners can also be added from Setup --> Owners; choose the Add Owner button on the top right of the screen. 

Edit Owners Information

  1. In Setup --> Owners
  2. Click  Edit (the pencil icon) for the Owner, review the Owner contact information or use the bulk edit options to quickly edit settings for multiple Owner records. 

  3. Owner Name to be used throughout the program including any [Name] merge fields such as email templates.
  4. Owner Email must be entered for email notifications
  5. Owner Phone optional, but is required for text messaging
  6. Choose the appropriate Date Format
  7. Owner Note enter any internal notes pertaining to this owner for Administrator use only. The notes can also be accessed by going to Manage --> Owners; select Owner. The notes will be shown at the top of the page under Owner contact info.
Note: If Send Email Notifications is unchecked, no email notifications will be sent, and Send Issues to Owner will not be an option. 

 Choose the applicable options from the following checkboxes

Allow Owner to Edit Their Own Import Links: This is used for properties that import bookings through iCal links - This will allow Property Owners to edit their links from their Owner Dashboard. The image below is the view from Owner Dashboard this view also includes links that contain information regarding how to retrieve iCal links. 

Hide Guest Info if checked, guest information is not shared with the owners. This helps Property Managers comply with privacy laws

Allow Owner to Enter Bookings. To allow the property Owner to enter Bookings Manually (not imported) from their Owner Dashboard choose this option. The image below is the view from the Owner Dashboard which shows they have the option to Add a Booking. When the Owner enters, changes or deletes a Booking Manually a notification with Booking information will be sent to the selected administrators per their notification settings. Administrator Notifications

Note: Owners do not have the ability to delete or make Imported Bookings Inactive, or edit Owner entered Bookings after the check-in date has occurred. They will need to notify the administrator if a booking needs to be changed or made inactive. Changes can be made on the Bookings page of the Administration Site.

Allow Owner to Change Check In/Out Times. Choosing this option will allow the owner to change the guest Check In and Check Out times, per booking, from their Owner Dashboard to a time outside of their standard Check In and Check Out Times. (Recommend left unchecked) If chosen, below is the view from The Owner Dashboard. 

Allow Owner to Change Counts (Guests, Children, Pets) & Owner indicator for Imported Bookings. This will allow Owners to indicate their stays, as well as update guest count information for Imported Bookings from their Owner Dashboard. 

Allow Owner to Enter Booking Notes This will allow the Owner to enter Booking Specific Notes from their Owner Dashboard, a notification with Booking Note information will be sent to the selected administrators per their notification settings.  Administrator Notifications Below is the view from the Owner Dashboard.

Allow Owner To View Future Tasks - Upcoming Tasks will be viewable from the Owner Dashboard under Future Tasks if the Task Rule has been selected to be Active for Owner Report 

Setup --> Task Rules Active for Owner Report chosen within the desired Task Rule. 

Below is the view from the Owner Dashboard for Future Tasks

Note: The option to view Future Tasks will not be available to Owners unless the Main Administrator account is in Live Mode vs Setup Mode.

Learn More Here

Allow Owner to Submit Requests - This will allow Owners to submit issues and requests from their Dashboard the request will show on the Administration Site on the Issues Page and on the Owner Dashboard under the Issues area. Below is the view from the Owner Dashboard. 

Tip: Owners can use the Submit Request feature to communicate with Administrators i.e. Booking/guest updates, Deep cleaning requests, Package delivery information.  

Allow Owners to Change task Dates and Add Tasks (Less often used) Learn more about Owner Managed Tasks

Task Completion Notifications Navigate to Setup --> Staff and Owner Notifications; edit. Select the Task Rule in which to notify Owners upon Task Completion. Add a default Staff note if applicable. (The default note is editable by Staff on Dashboards). 

Email Reminder to Check Bookings (Send Email Notifications box must be checked under Owner Email). This will send a reminder email to the Property Owner either Weekly or Monthly if chosen, reminding them to check their Bookings for accuracy from their Owner Dashboard.

Send Owner Welcome Email (Send Email Notifications box must be checked under Owner Email) This notification will include a link to the Owner's Dashboard.

Setup --> Owners Choose the mobile device icon to the right of the Owner record to send the Welcome Email 

Note: Owners can also be set up to be billed directly through Stripe. Learn More about Billing Owners Through Stripe
Tip: In addition to the Email Reminder to Check Bookings, Owner Notifications can be adjusted in the following areas: 
Staff and Owner Notifications  
Owner Notification Rules