How Can I Track Cleaning and Guest Ratings?

Q: How can my Quality Inspectors rate my Cleaning Staff or Cleaning Staff rate guests in Operto Teams. 

A: This can be accomplished using the Task Form feature, and the Task Form Reporting feature. 


1. Quality Inspection - Add a Task Rule for the Quality Inspection.

Setup --> Task Rules; Add Task Rule

2. Cleaning or Inspection - Create a  Task Form and assign it to your Quality Inspection Task or Cleaning Task (for guest rating). The Task Form should include either a Drop-Down with number rating option or Radio Button Element Types.

Setup --> Task Forms; Add Task Form; Manage Elements; Add Element

Select the appropriate Element Type and enter the option in the Options/Items area

Dashboard View

3. Create a Task Form Report Type to pull a report showing the Ratings of the cleanings or guests. 

Setup --> Task Form Report Types; Add Task Form Report Type 

Choose a name for the Report and Select the Element you created in the previous step.


Once the Tasks and Task Forms have been completed you can view them in a report format. 

Reports --> Task Form Reports

Select the report you created in the previous step and click submit to view the Task Form Submission.

Tip: Filter by Staff to see the results of how one particular person is doing. 
Tip: An additional Text Input Element can be added to retrieve any notes regarding the rating.