Task Form (Checklist)

This article covers the following topics:

Task Forms are visible on staff dashboards. They are interactive guidelines to ensure tasks are completed consistently and completely. Task Forms are attached to Task Rules.  So that when a Task Rule auto-generates a Task (such as Check-out Clean) the associated Task Forms will automatically be available to Staff for reference.

Note: Task Form Reporting is also available within Operto Teams click to learn more about  Task Form Reports. Looking to use Task Form Submission to track cleaning quality? Learn more  How to Track Quality
Tip: All properties will have Check-out Cleans but some listings might have slight variations in the to-do list needed for cleaners.  For example, some properties have hot tubs and others do not. Once a Master Task Form is attached to a Task Rule, Variations can be created to accommodate the differences (Check-out Clean with Hot Tub).

Access Task Forms

Setup --> Task Forms

Add or Edit Task Forms

  1. Click + Add Task Forms
  2. or Click on the Edit (pencil) button in the Manage Column of the Task Forms Table.
  3. Enter or edit the Name of the Task Forms.  Examples are Gift Basket Contents, Checkout Clean, Arrange Porch Furniture etc.  
  4. Assign the Task Forms to Task Rules so that when a task is auto-generated a staff member will be delegated the task and the relevant task form will show up on their dashboard. 
Tip: In this step, you are creating the Task Form container that is linked to the Task.  At this step, the Task Form is just a name and a blank form that is attached to the task.  Task Form elements must now be added.  


Elements are the components of the Task Form.  They can be single items, a list of items, images or upload image fields and more. Each Task Form can have multiple elements. For example, a Check-Out Clean Task Form might include a checklist for kitchen clean-up, bathrooms, and bedrooms, and photos upload fields.

Add/Edit Administrative Information

  1. Navigate to the Task Form Page Setup --> Task Form.
  2. Choose the Task Form to manage.  Click on Manage Elements (list icon).
  3. Add an Element Name that is a descriptive title for administrative use and reporting. Example: Kitchen Items Grid.
  4. Choose Element Type.
Tip: Review the box of Element types.  See Task Form Examples to see other companies' creations.

Add/Edit Dashboard Related Information

  1. Add an Element Title that will appear at the top of this section on the Staff Dashboard.
  2. Add a short Description to guide your staff.
  3. Upload an Image
  4. Check if the Element should Show on the Owner Report.
  5. Select the Tasks Forms to contain this Element
  6. Click Save
Note: Elements can also be copied or shared between Task Forms in the Manage Elements area using the drop-down menu and buttons at the top of the page.

View and Manage All Elements

  1. From the Task Form main page.  Click on View All Elements button in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Find the Elements to Manage using the filter options in the header.
  3. Edit, Copy to New or Delete Element using the icons in the Manage Column.
Tip: Use the View all Elements then Copy to New icon to quickly add a new Element that is very similar to an Element that already exists.

Task Form Variations

  1. In the Parent Task Form go to Manage Elements; select which Elements if any, will be Global using the toggle icon. These will be shared throughout Variants and can only be edited in the Parent Task Form.
  2. From the Task Form main page, Choose the Task Form to manage in the Task Form Table.  Click on Add Variation (plus icon).
  3. Name and assign the Variant accordingly.
  4. Manage (Add, Edit, or Remove) Elements to make the Task Form Variation unique to the selected property or properties. 
Important Tip: Elements that are set as Global in the Parent Task Form can not be edited in the Variant. To make changes to the Global Elements in the Variant remove and copy into the Variant using Copy to New Element.
Note: Only properties assigned to Rules selected for the Parent Task Form will show as an option for the Variants.  

Task Form Preview

Preview the Task Forms using the Open Screen Icon under the Task Form Name column.   

Tip: Task Forms are immediately live on the staff dashboards.  If you have current staff working, create a Task Form with no Tasks attached.  Build it out, preview it and then assign the Tasks, so that your staff is not using half-built Task Forms while you are building them.