Add Bookings

There are 6 ways to Add Bookings to Operto Teams. The best ways are through API or iCal so that they are automatically imported as they happen.

  1. Enter Bookings Manually. 
    1. Go to Bookings from the Actions button, choose Add Booking or Add Bulk Booking

    2. From the Legacy Master Calendar, Actions button Add Booking, or +BKG next to the property name. 
    3. From the Enhanced Master Calendar Add (Plus Symbol), or click anywhere on the calendar.

2. Enter iCal Links for each property in Setup --> Properties, choose the Edit (pencil icon) link and scroll down to the Bookings section.

See these articles for obtaining  iCal links from   AirBnB  and HomeAway, or contact your booking software to get directions:



3. Adjust the API Settings in Setup --> System Settings

4. Upload bookings from a Flat File.  See these additional articles for this option:

Upload Bookings from a Flat File

Upload Bookings from Evolve export

Upload Bookings from Escapia export

Upload Bookings From Vacasa

5. Link to another VR Customer for Bookings. If you are working with another Operto Teams customer, they will enter you as a vendor in their account, and provide you with the Id and codes for each property to enter into this section. Their bookings will automatically import. See Linking Accounts with a Property Manager or Vendor.

6. From the Owner Dashboard Learn more about Setting up Owners